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Scientific journal

“Fronts” in the political process the post-soviet Moldova

2017. №3, pp. 97-104

Ulyanova J.S. - D.Sc. (History), Associate Professor, Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (branch NCFU) in Pyatigorsk, 56, 40 let Octyabrya Ave., Pyatigorsk, 357500, Russian Federation

The population of Soviet Moldova, like a large part of the citizens of the USSR, supported the policy of restructuring by creating amateur politicized associations. However, the change in the strategic course of the “Popular Front” contributed to the republic's exit from the USSR and the emergence on the political landscape of heterogeneous organizations.

Key words: «Народный фронт Молдовы», многопартийность, политический процесс, Евразийский фронт, Альянс за европейскую интеграцию, Popular Front of Moldova, Multi-party system, Political process, The Eurasian Front, Alliance for European Integration