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About the “philosophical-erotic” F.M. Gorenstein's novel

2016. 3, pp. 93-99

Zavyalova E.E. - D.Sc. (Philology), Professor, Astrakhan State University, 20a Tatishcheva Str., Astrakhan, 414056, Russia,

The article is devoted to the definition of the dominant genre in the works by F.N. Gorenstein “Tschok-Tschok” (1987). The analysis of the author's subtitle «philosophisch-erotischer roman», it proved the ironic nature of this explication. Considered resistant erotic text markers: theatralization (manifested in the motives of changing clothes and of voyeurism, special crushing of statements on the replicas), the picture of deviant sexual activity, the presence of archetypal image of temptress. It is emphasized that the novel “Tschok-Tschok” part of the description is aloof, anti-aesthetic character, visualized intimate scenes are not an end in itself, always carry a subtext, an another plan. It is alleged that in the work by F.N. Gorenstein there is no extra-aesthetic journalistic series, having no high intellectual content insertions, there is no ideologues heroes - everything that is usually inherent in the philosophical novel. At the same time almost all levels of the work important place is given to the artistic image of the substantial idea. Heroes fall into similar situations and say similar cues. The structure of the artistic text is compared with the outgoing spiral. The author duplicates the sound combinations, lexemes, details, images, motifs, story schemes. Psychological overtones by W. James become the initial philosopheme of the writer. Double word in the title of the novel is a clear demonstration of the fact.

Key words: .. , , , , , , , , , , F.N. Gorenstein, genre, philosophical novel, leisure literature, erotica, stable markers, philosopheme, substantial idea, structure, repeat