THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

Specific character of intercultural communications within frontier territories

2015. №3, pp. 266-271

Romanova Anna P. - D.Sc. (Philosophy), Professor, Astrakhan State University, 20a Tatishchev st., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,

The article is aimed at development of a new typology of intercultural communications, carried out in the frontier territories. Cross-cultural relations in the frontier that is the territory of flexible boundaries are characterized by specific nature and complexity as the frontier itself is a heterotopic space. There is no common typology of such relations that would be applicable for any frontier (American, Siberian, Asian, etc.). The methodology of this research is represented first of all by heterotopic theory itself. Considering the frontier as the heterotopic space of intercultural communications, we can reveal all the variety of intercultural communications, to compare them with communications within other territories. To confirm our typology we use the materials of narrative sources, which describe the life and intercultural communications within frontier territories, mainly in diachronic aspect. From our point of view, the narrative sources, linked with the Caucasus frontier, are the most illustrative for the Russian discourse. In the article there is given the author’s variant of typology of cross-cultural communications in the frontier territories. There are integrative, separational and confrontational types of intercultural contacts that are confirmed by the narrative sources. The article also points out transgressive processes, going on in the frontier during intercultural communications.

Key words: фронтир, гетеротопия, трансгрессия, межкультурные коммуникации, Кавказ, frontier, heterotopy, transgression, interculturalcommunications, Caucasus