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Scientific journal

Soft power of information society

2013. 3, pp. 126-131

Novoselov Sergey V.  - Ph.D. (History), Asssociate Professor, Astrakhan State University, 20a Tatishcheva st., Astrakhan, 414000, Russia,,

In the information society is dominated by not one who has the largest military force or amassed the greatest wealth, and the one who owns large amounts of information (knowledge) and applies them successfully. Thanks to the technological revolution, knowledge, including scientific, becomes the basis of power in the information age, dominating power and wealth. Changing and the very appearance of power refusing a direct and brutal rule, it takes more mild forms of influence and domination.

Key words: globalization,post-industrial society,information society,science,knowledge,information,"soft power",the media,non-governmental organizations,the Internet,hierarchy,power