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Information security as a factor of preservation of national identity in the modern Russian society

2012. 4, pp. 341-348

Zubov Oksana G. - Ph.D. (Political Science), Associate Professor, Moscow humanitarian Institute of the name of E.R. Dashkova, 6 B Leskova st., Moscow, 127349, Russia,

The article is devoted to the topical questions connected with the problem of information security in modern Russian society, due to internal and external threats, which have a material impact on the deformation of the main institutes of society and lead to the formation of antisocial behavior. Main goal: to develop a mechanism of security in the society while respecting freedom of expression and free access to information, protection from the influence of the information, which represents a danger to national development and threatens the security of the state.

Key words: Information security,Falsification of historical facts,Disinformation and manipulation of public consciousness,Information warfare,Information threats,Mass media,Foreign investments on the media market,Westernization of the Russian television production,Protection of state information resources,Censorship,the marking of television content,Public television,Culture.,Elite