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Individual psychological aspects professional motivation consultants master of dealerships motor company

2012. №4, pp. 315-320

Fedotov Sergey N. - D.Sc. (Psychology), Professor, Ministry of Internal Affairs Moscow university of Russia, 12 Academician Volgin st., Moscow, 117437, Russia,

Chernyshova OlgaV. - postgraduate student, Tver Institute of Ecology and Law, 23 Prospectus of Kalinin, Tver, 170001, Russia,

The paper presents the results of scientific research is individual-psychological aspects of professional motivation consultants master auto service centers, the city of Tver; analyzed the working conditions of masters-consultants, system of material incentives for employees, the role and importance of intangible motivators; been revealed-mined the dominant values orientation master advisors.

Key words: Professional work of masters-consultants,Needs,Motivations,Professional motivation,Encourage the mother-sentations,Intangible motivators,Values,Social attitudes.