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Scientific journal

Intuitive-logic comprehension of the faith

2018. №1, pp. 154-160

Reznichenko I.I. - post-graduate student, Krasnodar State Institute of Culture, 33, 40-letiya Pobedy Str., Krasnodar, 350072, Russian Federation,

Рўhe article raises the question of the positivity of belief. Faith is regarded as a spiritual cognition, as a fact of the origin of thought in the world perception, as an object substantial, as a separate kind of matter. In everyday life, one encounters a desire to logically explain the invisible world. In this case, faith appears in the form of a correlation of internal intuition, as a revelation, and the logic of the external, as a scientific confirmation. On the example of the Trinity, the invisible world is viewed as the unity of Reason, Soul and Heart, or as the unity of the three Hypostasis of the Father. Through the synthesis study, the conclusion was made about the presence of yet another Hypostasis of the Father-Faith. Trusting mathematics, trusting linguistics, trusting logic, believing in life itself, we can accept the substantial faith as a separate kind of matter! And considering the multidimensionality of being and the variety of vector orientations, we can also admit the idea of the existence of other Hypostasis of the Father, and hence of "likeness", and of other parts in our body. By adopting faith as part of a human being, we will scale up the human perception in this scale, our life will be enriched with yet another new meaning, and hence the quality of life. Key words: faith, probability, world visible, invisible world, mind, intuition, logic, Trinity, Father's hypostasis, vector, multidimensionality, human parts, substance, kind of matter, meaning and quality of life.

Key words: вера, вероятность, мир видимый, мир невидимый, разум, интуиция, логика, Троица, Ипостаси Отца, вектор, многомерность, части человека, субстанция, вид материи, смысл и качество жизни, faith, probability, visible world, invisible world, mind, logic, intuition, trinity, hypostasis of the Father, vector, substance, type of the matter, multidimensionality