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Destructive potential of a linguistic nationalism and its manifestations in modern society

2017. №1, pp. 61-67

Yankova N.A. - Ph.D. (Philology), Associate Professor, International Law Institute, 4 Kashenkin Lug St., Moscow, 127427, Russian Federation,

The article reveals the content of the notion of linguistic nationalism as a source of current threats to national security of a multi-ethnic society, set preconditions for the emergence of this phenomenon and its manifestations in the globalized world. The aim of the article is to substantiate the thesis that the imposition of linguistic nationalism and politicized language problems are aimed at changing the ethnic group status within the national cultural space, which corresponds to the trend of social and cultural transformation of the globalized world, manifested in ethnic and cultural fragmentation of the world, strengthening ethnocratic regimes and the formation of supranational governance models, and leads to an increase in political rights and economic opportunities ethnos, strengthening their influence lingvosotsiokultural guidance on the nature of social relations. The article shows that linguistic nationalism, producing such ideologies as ancient, sacred, unique, language, largely conditional on the contradiction ethnolinguistic in a multiethnic society. The author concludes that in the context of globalization destructive content of linguistic nationalism lies in its focus on the destruction of national unity, which is expressed in the disorganization, disorientation and disintegration of forming a nation of subjects, and consequently, the destruction of the nation state and the erosion of historically cultural and civilizational borders, which ultimately leads to the formation of a new architecture of the world order.

Key words: лингвистический национализм, национализм, политизация языка, языковой сепаратизм, национальный язык, этнический язык, идеологема, национальная безопасность, глобализация, linguistic nationalism, nationalism, politicization of language, linguistic separatism, national language, ethnic language, ideologem, national security, globalization