THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal


2016. №1, pp. 110-115

Urmanov D.R. - postgraduate student, Kazan Federal University, 18 Kremlyovskaya Str., Kazan, 420008, Russian Federation,

In this article, the author attempts to determine political Islam formation process and struggle between Kemalism and Islamism adherents after the foundation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923. The author circumstantially describes the reasons of confrontation and the ensuing struggle. The author characterizes the origin of the political Islam in Turkey, development of the movement in political sphere, struggle for power and he also analyzes the actions taken by them for the Islamization of the country. The author describes the process of the political Islam evolution from rural areas of Turkey to political arena, as well as the succession of events that allowed them to come to power. The special attention is paid to the evolution of Islamism supporters that have begun with the rejection of secularism and westernization and finally came to completely different position, and use ideas of the Westernization of the country as the main way to come to power in XXI century.

Key words: политический ислам, Турция, Кемализм, вестернизация, светскость, исламизм, К. Ататюрк, Н. Эрбакан, Т. Озал, Р.Т. Эрдоган, Партия Национального Порядка, Партия Благоденствия, Партия Справедливости и Развития, political Islam, Turkey, Kemalism, westernization, secularism, Islamism, K. Ataturk, N. Erbakan, T. Ozal, R.T. Erdogan, National Order Party, Welfare Party, Justice and Development Party