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Ethnic prepositions of the astrakhan pupils as a precondition to ethnic tolerance / xenophobia formation

2015. №4, pp. 172-177

Grigorev A.V. - Ph.D. (Sociology), Associate Professor, Astrakhan Stat University, 20a Tatishcheva Str., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,

The article is devoted to the studying of Astrakhan pupils’ prepositions using Bogardus scale. The studied prepositions were analized as a predesposition to a certain behaviour towards the represantatives of other nationalities. Actual ethnic prepositions of Astrakhan pupils indicate the existance of problems concerning the tention in interethnic interactions among the Astrakhan youth. This problem is extremly actual in case of the Astrakhan local populace attitude towards the North Caucasus peoples, the Roma and the Azerbaijanis. The most tolerant prepositions were commited in the attitudes towards the Ukrainians, the Belorussians and the Americans. The article also concerns the factors of formation of the pupils’ attitude towards other nationalities: a) the level of familiarity with represantatives of concidered nationalities; b) pupils’ view about the attitude of these nationalities towards them. The absence of directly dependent between the level of familiarity with represantatives of concidered nationalities and attitudes towards them was found. The studying of pupils’ views about the attitude of studied nationalities towards them allowed the author to designate the orientation (positive/negative) of the sources of information about the studied nationalities.

Key words: межнациональные отношения, межнациональные отношения в школе, этническая толерантность, этническая толерантность школьников, этнические установки, этнические установки школьников, факторы формирования этнических установок, шкала Богардуса, Астрахань, астраханские школьники, межнациональные отношения в Астрахани, interethnic relationships, interethnic relationships in school, ethnic tolerance, ethnic tolerance of pupils, ethnic prepositions, ethnic prepositions of pupils, factors of ethnic prepositions formation, Bogardus scale, Astrakhan, Astrakhan pupils, interethnic relationships in Astrakhan