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Portrait of modern extremists (on the example of the analysis of indictments and convictions for violent crimes)

2015. №1, pp. 69-75

Zubova Oksana G. - Ph.D. (Political Sciences), Associate Professor, Moscow Humanitarian Institute of the name of E. R. Dashkova, 6 B Leskov st., Moscow, 127349, Russian Federation,

In article described a social portrait of the modern extremist, the mechanisms involved in the youth extremism based on the analysis of indictments and convictions for violent crimes for 2010-2013 years. Is detected in the main channel of dissemination of harmful information content through social networks on the Internet. The necessity of socio-legal counteract this phenomenon.

Key words: молодежь, преступления экстремисткой направленности, идеология национализма, социальная сеть «Вконтакте», социокультурная среда воспроизводства экстремизма, youth, crime extremist orientation, ideology of nationalism, social network "Vkontakte", social and cultural environment of the reproduction of extremism