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Ethnic group - crimean germans (Krimdeutsche) - as a subject of social-philosophical analysis

2015. №3, pp. 293-297

Kryukova Natalia V. - Ph.D. (Philosophy), Associate Professor, Sevastopol Economics and Humanities Institute, 14 Astan Kesaev st., Sevastopol, 299045, Russian Federation,

The article deals with some aspects of the history of the emergence and existence of the Germans on the Crimean peninsula in the XIX-XXI century. The analysis of the problem investigation degree is presented, the reasons for the necessity of social and philosophical analysis of the problem of national minorities are grounded. The question of the origin of the phenomenon of В«Crimean GermansВ» is studied, the issues of management, education and religion of the Crimean Germans are discussed, the changes in their strength are characterized. In the course of the investigation it was discovered that, being an innumerous ethnic group in the Crimea, Crimean Germans had a fairly high level of economic development and a significant degree of education of the population. Being one of the deported peoples from the territory of the Crimea, this ethnic group needs a real implementation of measures of state support in its revival and development.

Key words: этнос, этническая группа, национальное меньшинство, Крымский полуостров, крымские немцы, немецкие колонии, численность населения, социально-философский анализ, ethnicity, ethnic group, ethnic minority, the Crimean peninsula, Crimean Germans, German colonies, population, social and philosophical analysis