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Scientific journal

Astrakhan region: transformations of ethnic identity of the russians

2015. №3, pp. 133-138

Suslikova Olga N. - PhD. (Psychology), Associate Professor, Astrakhan Institute of Professional Development and Retraining, 4 Ulyanov st., Astrakhan, 414000, Russian Federation,

Ethnic identity is a key psychological factor that determines the nature of interethnic interaction in a multi-ethnic region. The subject of the research is the ethnical identity dynamic of Russian young men dominating in Astrakhan region. The empirical research aims at comparative analysis of changes in ethnical identity of Russian boys and girls within the ten-year period. The study bases on the technique developed by G.U. Soldatova. The results obtained revealed the shift of respondents’ ethnical identity to hyperidentity. The latter can be psychological defense reaction to the global worsening of attitude to Russia and the Russians. The changes in ethnical identity of Russian youth can entail tension of interethnic relations in poly-ethnic area.

Key words: Позитивная этническая идентичность, трансформации этнической идентичности, гипо- и гиперидентичность, толерантность, positive ethnic identity, the evolution of ethnic identity, hypo- and hyper-identity, tolerance