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The problem of consistence of public policy institutions in the context of public property management

2015. №3, pp. 57-64

Yakimets Vladimir N. - D.Sc. (Sociology), Professor, Institute of information transmission problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, 19, p. 1 Bolshoy Karetny pereulok, Moscow, 127051, Russian Federation,

Nicovsciy Larisa I. - D.Sc. (Sociology), Professor, Institute of sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences, 24/35, bld. 5 Krzhizhanovskogo st., Moscow, 117218, Russian Federation,

Discusses the problems of interaction between government and civil society in the field of public policy in the context of management theory of public values, which stress the importance of their cooperation in determining the content of public values, the joint establishment of В«agendaВ» in the process of democratic dialogue. On the basis of a new measuring tool - test the solvency of the institutions of public policy - identified В«weaknessesВ» in the functioning of public institutions and suggests ways to improve them.

Key words: публичная политика, публичная ценность, институты публичной политики, оценка институтов публичной политики, несостоятельность института, менеджмент публичных ценностей, public policy, public value, institutions of public policy, the evaluation of institutions of public policy, the failure of the Institute, management of public values