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The aggravation of Kalmyk and crimean relations in 1726

2014. №4, pp. 32-35

Tsyuryumov Aleksandr V.. - D.Sc. (History), Professor, Kalmyk State University, 11 Pushkin st., Elista, Republic of Kalmykia, 358000, Russian Federation,

The article considers the history of the Kalmyk-Crimean relations in the second half of twenties of the 18th century. The author explored the role of Kalmyks and Nogais in the history of relationships between the Russian state and the Crimean khanate. It covers the position of the Kalmyk elite to the events associated with the Nogay's destiny. This article explains the aggravation of Kalmyk and Crimean relations regarding Nogay matter in 1726 year. Kalmyks organized one of the biggest compaignes to the territories of a crimean khan in the Kuban region. The campaign finished with the delegation of power to a nogai Bakhty-Girey.

Key words: Российская империя, Османская империя, Крымское ханство, Калмыцкое ханство, кочевники, военная история, Астраханская губерния, Russian Empire, Ottoman Empire, Crimean Khanate, Kalmyk Khanate, nomads, war history, Astrakhan province