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Scientific journal

Democratization and modernization in Venezuela

2014. №3, pp. 313-320

Melnikova Natalia I. - post-graduate student, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 27/4 Lomonosovskiy ave., GSP-1, Moscow, 119234, Russian Federation,,

Conducted in all regions of Latin America reformist transformation 80s by the Presidential Commission on Reform of the State (COPRE, 1984–1999) initiated the process in Venezuela reflexive modernization (Modernization reflexive). This process of change, which is implemented by public forces in the country Policies pursued COPRE has historical significance, as it allows us to take the measures aimed at overcoming social conflict in Venezuela, contributes to the deepening of democracy, which was conquered by great effort and which should be preserved.

Key words: Latin America, Venezuela, modernization (reflexive modernization), democratization, state, society, reform, the Presidential Commission on the Reform of the State (COPRE), political changes, government relations, policy development, society, social change, the Party of Democratic Action, relations between state and society