THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal


2014. №2, pp. 97-106

Boytsova Olga Yu. - D.Sc. (Political Science), Professor, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, 27 Leninskie gory st., GSP-1, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation,

There are positive social development alternatives generally associated with the hopes for development of civil society in modern political discourse. However researchers find it hard to come to agreement on key positions - is whether the question of civil society substance or its structure, relation between the State and the individual, role in modern conditions, etc. This makes the analysis of the theoretical bases of the concept of civil society extremely important. The article deals with adapting to the constitutive principles of civil society and shows that behind the trend are Relativizing the values and norms is self-destruction the reason. The article focuses on constitutive principium of civil society and suggests that in-built tendency to relativization of values and norms leads to self-destruction of its foundations.

Key words: гражданское общество, общество культурного плюрализма, ценностная ориентация, приоритет права, социальные практики, легализация, легитимация, релятивизация норм, civil society, culturally pluralistic society, value system, the priority of the right, social practices, legislation, legitimation, relativization of norms