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Scientific journal

Buddhist culture in the west: tradition and modernity

2014. №1, pp. 270-277

Ulanov Mergen S. - Kalmyk State University, 358000, Russian Federation, Elista Str. Pushkin 11,

Article devoted to the phenomenon of Buddhist culture in the West. Traces the history of the spread of Buddhism in Europe and the USA. The author notes that as a result of the spread of the West directions and various Buddhist schools there gradually formed the so-called " globalized " or transnational Buddhism, which, unlike traditional forms is largely free from the context of specific cultural traditions. Pragmatism , tolerance , democracy and doctrinal "flexibility" of Buddhism enabled him to get the current global distribution . Buddhism has become one of the most influential parts of the sociocultural landscape in the process of globalization.

Key words: буддизм, буддийская культура, Запад, Европа, эллинизм, греко-буддистское искусство, иезуиты, буддология, теософия, эмигранты, толерантность, глобализация, Buddhism, Buddhist culture, West Europe, and Hellenism, Greco-Buddhist art, the Jesuits, Buddhologist, Theosophy, immigrants, tolerance, globalization