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Analysis of relation between wage and performance indicatorsof gas distribution organizations

2013. №3, pp. 433-440

Homutova Tatiana Vasilievna  - applicant, Saratov State Technical University named after Yuri Gagarin, 77 Polytechnicheskaya st., Saratov, 410054, Russia ,,

The study tested the relation between wages and number of performance indicators for the gas distribution companies. Based on results of the correlation analysis (for example, the number of gas distribution organizations) showed that the evaluation of the performance of the selected communications and wages gives mixed results. However, the most celebrated high dependence between the average monthly wage of workers engaged in the transportation of gas, and the length of the pipeline. Effective system of incentives of workers must necessarily be associated with the target activities indicators of gas distribution organizations.

Key words: wages,gas distribution organizations,profits,revenue,correlation analysis,personnel structure,effective incentive system