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Institutions of entepreneurial type of economic effeciency formation of the modernization of the national education

2013. №1, pp. 145-151

Kulikova Julia P. - Chairman of the Expert Council on Social Policy and Innovation of Support Fund for Cultural Initiatives, The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, 27–29 Vera Voloshina st., Moscow region, Mytishchi, 141014, Russia,

The study of the category of "innovation policy" showed that in modern economic literature there is no common understanding of the concept of innovation. However, most authors have positioned the concept of innovation policy as a sphere of human activity and management tool. If we consider the definition of policy, it is the overall intentions and direction of the organization in terms of quality as formally expressed by top management.

Key words: innovation,innovation,innovation university,comprehensive evaluation of the innovative university,coefficients of evaluation of innovative high school