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Ethnic migration as a factor of transformation of power elites in the Republic of Dagestan

2017. 3, pp. 194-199

Abdullaev A. - postgraduate student, Nevinnomyssk State Humanitarian-Technical Institute, 17 Mira Ave., Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol region, 357108, Russian Federation,

The article is devoted to the influence of ethnic migration in Dagestan as a factor in the transformation of regional power elites. The author considers one of the consequences of rural ethnic migration in the region - from the mountains to the plain, from the village to the urban settlements: the transformation of the ethnic structure of power elites in the region. The author puts forward the thesis that the main factor in changing the ethnic structure of the political elite in the republic in the post-Soviet period was the change in the qualitative characteristics of the intraregional migration process.

Key words: , , , , , , Dagestan, ethnic migration, transformation of the ethnic structure of the power elite, the ethnic factor migration, internal migration and ethnic proportions of the population