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Challenges and risks for sustainable evelopment in the republic of Dagestan (ethnic aspects)

2016. №2, pp. 123-128

Galbatsev Suhrai M. - South-Russian Institute of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, 70 Pushkinskaya Str., Rostov-on-Don, 344002, Russian Federation,

The sustainable development had a numerous challenges and risks in the Republic of Dagestan. The actual and specific problems of republic is ethnic problems, because it is a region where live a numerous ethnic groups, who has a competition interests. For a multi-ethnic society with unequal composition of different ethnic groups with their different representation in the ruling elite, to achieve justice and equality not just. These problems they are often very sensitive issue for ethnic minorities. The case of the Republic of Dagestan it is an example where this issue encounter very often. Very important for the Republic is the optimal combination of civilian identity with preservation of ethnic group identity, historical and ethno-cultural traditions that stem from the mentality and values of folk culture, are critical to maintaining stability and achieving sustainable development. The article discusses the obstacles to sustainable development is offered and how it can be achieved. We analyzed the ethnic aspect of the problem of sustainable development. . The article describes the main levels of ethnic tension. The study highlighted the most common factors of ethnic tension, generating threats and challenges to sustainable development of the Republic of Dagestan.

Key words: устойчивое развитие, этничность, этническая конкуренция, конфликт, безопасность, интерес, территориальный спор, идентичность, этнические меньшинства, равенство, sustainable development, ethnicity, competition, ethnic conflict, national security, interest, territorial dispute, identity, ethnic minorities, equality