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Scientific journal

Principles of nonlinear artistic mentality

2015. №4, pp. 286-290

Kirbaba Y.V. - Ph.D. (Culturology), Associate Professor, Astrakhan State Technical University, 16 Tatischeva Str., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,

The paper considers matching and integrative principles of the artistic and scientific mentality. The basis for the study is synergetics - a theory of self-organization of the complex systems. The nonlinearityи of creative thinking can be understood differently. It can be either ambiguity in the interpretation of the works of art or complexity of the composite structure, or violation of the structural, genre and other canons. The concept of nonlinearity can be referred to a lot of modern techniques, developed in the musical and literary works, in particular, polystylistics. Such phenomenon of the contemporary art as a multiplicity of textsis analyzed in detail. Intertextual structures, as a rule, are visualized on the semantic level. Hypertext, as well as the structure of the “text-in-text” determine the composition of the artistic work.

Key words: нелинейность, синергетика, текст, интертекст, гипертекст, текст в тексте, nonlinearity, synergetics, text, intertext, hypertext, text-in-text