THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

Trade relations of the north caucasian nations with Russia in the second half of XVIII century

2015. №3, pp. 39-45

Rabadanova Albina U. - senior lecturer, The Dagestan state institute of a national economy, 5 Ataeva st., 367008, Makhachkala, Russian Federation,

At the article discussed trade and economic relations of the peoples of the North Caucasus and Russia with analysis the archival, historical and ethnographic materials. There are overviews of all types of trade goods, participants of exchange operations, the characteristics of conducting trading activities in different centers. It is concluded that the development of trade contributed both the favorable geographical position as a trading center of the Caucasus and the international situation during the study period. The Russian administration walled cities, built by the Caucasian defensive line, guarantee the safety of the local population lives, business activities, organized exchange markets and sales. All of this largely than military action, it strengthened the position of Russia in the Caucasus and approach the local population with Russian. Expansion of trade and economic relations with the Russian North Caucasus led to increased domestic production, increasing the amount of raw materials (madder, raw silk), expanding the range of manufactured goods. The walled cities reduce to handicraft production centers and major shopping centers. The author also gives information about the monopolization of trade by the Russian authorities, lists the products for which trade was established monopoly. According to the author, in the period under review, shopping centers have played an important role in trade and economic integration of the peoples of the North Caucasus from Russia. They were transit points in these trade relations.

Key words: Северный Кавказ, Дагестан, Россия, Тарки, Эндирей, Аксай, Кизляр, торговля, марена, соль, меновые дворы, North Caucasus, Dagestan, Russia, Tarko, Endirey, Aksay, Kizlyar, trade, madder, salt, exchange yard