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Political significance of “euroislam” idea as a way of self-determination of the ruling elite of Tatarstan

2016. 2, pp. 213-219

Mirzakhanov Dzhabrail G. - Ph.D. (Philosophy). Associate Professor, Dagestan State Technical University, 70 I. Shamil Ave., Makhachkala, 367015, The Republic of Dagestan, Russian Federation,

This paper studies euroislamic identity as an ideologically constructed and political motivated phenomenon. Concept “euroislam” served as shorthand label for the interpretation of the “Tatarstan model” at the early beginning Tatar's separatism movement. Euroslamic identity supports local Tatar reformism because it feeds the regional energy of self-affirmation. Political and ideological synthesis of a “euroislam” is an important strategic policy tool for the realization of the “Tatarstan Model”.

Key words: , , , , euroislam, political challenge, islamic reformers, political project-making