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Main objectives of the editorial staff of The Caspian Region: Politics, Economics, Culture are to:

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Our journal is focused on the topical issues of social and humanitarian science.
The title of the journal reflects the Eurasian character of the materials published in it. In the 20th century, political and cultural science considered the Caspian Sea region as a crossroad of cultures, civilizations, and policies. For the Western geopolitics, the Caspian Sea region is a symbolic axis of Eurasia and there is a certain reason in saying that one who rules the Caspian Sea, rules the world. That is why the editorial board thinks that the reflection of the whole diversity of international contexts within the framework of the journal is necessary for a deeper understanding of current processes in the sphere of politics, economy, and culture. However, the priority for the editorial board is to form the platform for discussions on regional issues.
The editorial board stands for the promoting of the principle of dialogue between cultures and cultural polyphony. Its work is based on the principles of political pluralism, non-violence philosophy, cultural and religious tolerance. The editorial board aims at the eliminating of language barriers and respecting of the boarders of each folks national culture both on the regional and global level.