THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

The influence of the regional political elite on the further development of Russia

2016. №2, pp. 208-213

Vasilyeva Olga V - Ph.D. (History), Deputy Director, Education Development Institute, 4 Ulyanovykh Str., Astrakhan, 414000, Russian Federation,

Russian elite state in the difficult conditions of the present modernization stage is examined in this article, when the general condition of our country's reform will directly depend on successful solving of various problems at the local level. Elites play a dominant role in the regional political processes forming. In the political decision making process the interests of elites, their value and object orientations are the most significant. Namely the elite region groups determine the political process direction, the development dynamics in all its development spheres forming the country's political space. This process is characterized by the increasing role of political elites in the region, the concentration in their hands of the main power and management resources.

Key words: экономический кризис, региональные элиты, элитократия, социальный протест, элитологический анализ, выборы, economic crisis, regional elites, elitocracy, social protest, elitology analysis, elections