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Scientific journal

Social responsibility in the context of crisis in the field of political technologies: potential and prospects

2016. №1, pp. 61-67

Balatskiy A.M. - postgraduate student, Omsk State University named after F.M. Dostoyevsky, 55a Mira Ave., Omsk, 644077, Russian Federation,

The article is on the political technological resourcing of the electoral campaigns. Given the crisis in the field that is represented by the use of standardized and unoriginal technologies, excessively used administrative pressure, etc. there is the need for new positive technologies. Social responsibility (generally understood) may become one of them. The analysis of its positive potential, its functioning in other spheres of life and a certain social demand for such technologies point to its relevance and prospective viability as a political technology in Russia.

Key words: политическая технология, политтехнологический кризис, социальная ответственность, геймификация, электоральная кампания, конструктивные технологии, инклюзивные технологии, political technology, crisis in the field of political technologies, social responsibility, gamification, electoral campaign, positive technologies, inclusive technologies