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Scientific journal

Mass culture is a factor of social life unification

2015. №3, pp. 298-303

Stychinsky Maxim S. - postgraduate student, State academic University of humanitarian Sciences, 26 Maranowski per., Moscow, 119049, Russian Federation,

The article covers one of the most actual consequences of the world globalization - a phenomenon of mass culture. Cultural differences are one of the most important causes of global tension and conflicts. Global distribution of mass culture seems a positive trend because single universal basis for intercultural dialogue is forming. Accordingly, the phenomenon of mass culture is objective consequence of the process of global integration.

Key words: массовая культура, культура потребления, консьюмеризм, глобализация, декультурация, идентичность, mass culture, the culture of consumption, consumerism, globalization, deculturation, identity