THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal


2021. №2, pp. 142-148

Kudryashova Ekaterina V. - Astrakhan State University

The subject of the article is the cases of a change of religion and the possibility of such a change, discussed on Internet forums. The article focuses on the definition of this phenomenon and the identification of its key characteristic features. At the same time, it is noted that within the framework of religious themes, forums now allow you to move from traditional means of providing information to building a vertical of communication between users. The situation with the discussion of such topics on foreign Internet forums is somewhat different from Russian trends and has its own characteristics. In foreign forums, the genre of "personal testimony" is increasingly used, which consists in detailed stories about how a person turned to another God or turned away from him altogether, thereby accomplishing a religious transgression. The main reason that sounded in the personal testimonies that prompted the transgression is that the person learned something that he did not know before, and that turned out to be incompatible with his religious picture of the world. Personal stories play an additional role - to cheer up those who have lost their faith, but do not dare to declare it openly. Statements of members of the forum confirm that Network atheism continues to gain momentum, revealing the conflict of the transition process

Key words: religion, Christianity, Islam, religious dogma, Internet, Internet forum, communication, trans-gression, atheism, Network