THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal


2021. №2, pp. 136-141

Kushnir Svetlana I. - Voronezh Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia

The article describes the scientific activities of a well-known Marxist scientist who worked at the University of Oxford and the University of California - Jaerald Allan Cohen. Raised by his parents in the spirit of Soviet Marxism, Cohen, despite all the changes in his views and doubts, remained faithful to the teachings of Marxism. The peculiarity of Cohen's views is that he was interested in Marxism not as a political ideology or a theory of the development of society, but as an ethical teaching, which later significantly distinguished his views from the Soviet Marxists. And on its basis, he developed his own ethical social theory, which was based on three main postulates: egalitarianism, justice and values. It would seem that Marxism and bourgeois universities are incompatible, but Cohen managed not only to defend his Marxist, and later socialist views, but also to take a high position at the university and gain respect for his serious analytical work among colleagues and students. According to their recollections, Cohen was distinguished by his exactitude for the accuracy of the use of any terms, which made it possible to avoid ambiguity in the interpretation of any of them. Cohen's works are of considerable interest at the present time, so some of his articles have been collected in a collection and translated into Russian over the past few years.

Key words: Gerald Allan Cohen, Marxism, Oxford, egalitarianism, justice, values, social role, social devel- opment theory, political ideology, political movement