THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal


2021. 2, pp. 109-116

Karabushenko Paul L. - Astrakhan State University

In the modern world, the political reality begins to amaze the outside observer and analyst more and more with its extreme unpredictability, illogicality, and inconsistency. Politicians fight with each other in the virtual space, competing and striving for power with some kind of “windmills”. Moreover, the more tension in their struggle, the more the carnival political culture is clearly visible from all sides. The growth of carnival nature in political structures is accompanied by the loss of professionalism (competencies) by the elites, a sense of proportion, and responsibility. The political world that we now observe in Western communities is a cracking-down on all classical forms of politics, is a detraction of the dignity of the entire political class and the public as a whole. Finally, it is disrespect for academic political science whose laws are not just violated, but despised and ridiculed. One involuntarily creates the impression that all politics has fallen into some kind of fabulous “rabbit hole” described by Lewis Carroll in “Alice in Wonderland”. This entrance opens the world of otherworldly political reality, turned inside out and with meanings and values turned up to their complete perversion. But in this world there are many politicians and they even feel good in it. The analysis and description of this being is the subject matter of this work.

Key words: carnival political culture, political carnival, post-truth, Rabbit hole, history of elites, falsification, reliability, Russia-hatred, multiculturalism, identity crisis