THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal


2021. №2, pp. 88-95

Krestovskii Arsenii A. - Lomonosov Moscow State University

The article examines the crisis provoked by the era of strategic instability. The onset of social Darwinian postmodernism is leading humanity to a scale of moral impoverishment that has never been seen before. The peoples inhabiting the planet face the threat of a previously unseen scale - to slide into archaism. The rule of the norm is undermined by more and more temptations everywhere. In addition, the world is faced with a new type of danger, a viral pandemic, which in the future can call into question the existence of man as a species. The above makes us think seriously and start looking for ways out of the crisis. At all times, tradition and religion have been the best means of salvation for people. The theory of cultural-historical types by N. Danilevsky possesses not only a prophetic gift, but is also that necessary guide on the way to the right. It was N. Danilevsky who was the first to loudly declare the importance of civilizations for all mankind. The author of "Russia and Europe" proposes an original development without "looking back" at other people's means of progress. N. Danilevsky, realizing the importance of faith for the life of peoples and civilizations, especially singled out religion in a number of three other cultural activities of civilizations in the narrow sense. Today it is difficult to overestimate the potential of N. Danilevsky's work, since the states of civilization truly reach the heights in all endeavors. The object of the article is the theory of cultural-historical types by N. Danilevsky, the subject is the methodological potential of the author's theory.

Key words: theory of cultural-historical types, consciousness, postmodernism, modernism, cyberspace, habitus, grafting, morality, tradition, religion, culture