THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal


2021. 2, pp. 39-50

Shashkova Yaroslava Y. - Altai State University

Assev Sergey Y. - Altai State University

Kazantsev Dmitry A. - Altai State University

The article analyzes the relationship between value orientations and political attitudes among students of Siberia and Far Eastern Federal Districts. It is based on the materials of a mass survey of senior students, 8-11 grade, and university students on their 1-2 year. The research shows the dominance of high schools, as well as of 4 political values in the youth environment: justice, freedom, human rights and order. The authors use the clustering method, by which 7 value-ideological clusters of modern youth were identified: “left-patriots”, “social democrats”, “liberals”, “ethnoregionals”, “idealists”, “undecided” and “evaded” from answers. The article shows a high level of interest among young people in political events in Russia and their critical views on political situation in the country, which is typical for all clusters. The authors had performed a comparative analysis of the trust level in public and political organizations and institutions, which revealed negative rating of most political institutions, in addition to the power block and the volunteer movement. At the same time, more than half of the representatives of all clusters singled out the state as the main subject of politics and appeal to state authorities to protect their interests as the preferred form of political activity. The role of society, citizens and parties in modern politics was noted by about a third of the participants in certain clusters. In conclusion, the authors say that the boundaries of value-ideological clusters in the minds of young people are conditional, which creates the basis for the situational consolidation of their representatives in the political process of modern Russia.

Key words: youth, political values, political attitudes, political activity, trust, clustering, regions, Siberia, the Far East