THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal


2021. 1, pp. 163-169

Vorobyova Irina N. - North Ossetian State University named after K. L. Khetagurova, 46 Vatutinа Str., Vladikavkaz, 362025, Russian Federation

Godzhiev Georgy T. - North Ossetian State University named after K. L. Khetagurova, 46 Vatutinа Str., Vladikavkaz, 362025, Russian Federation

The article is devoted to the analysis of modern trends in the formation of a healthy lifestyle of students as an important area of successful self-realization of students in the field of future professional activities. The semantic content of a "healthy lifestyle" in the studies of domestic and foreign scientists is revealed from different points of view, but in all studies there is the thesis that the basis of a healthy lifestyle is the integrity of a person's spiritual and physical development, which must be developed and strengthened in unity. Currently, pedagogical workers of educational organizations of all levels and types, social workers, doctors, parents are convinced that the problem of forming a healthy lifestyle has become actualized especially recently, when, after a long forced self-isolation, there is a clear tendency towards a significant deterioration of the mental, somatic, physical and the physiological health of all students, including students. As shown by the analysis of research results even before the pandemic, about 10% of the younger generation are considered perfectly healthy, while the rest of the survey reveals various pathologies in their health. The author also established an organic connection between human health and his lifestyle. In general, a healthy lifestyle includes a complex of health-improving measures, which ensures the strengthening of the physical and moral health of students, an increase in their moral and physical performance, and successful self-realization in the field of professional activity. Of course, the formation of the value attitude of students to a healthy lifestyle, to their physical and mental health is not solved within the framework of one educational organization, but it has the greatest opportunities, since it has at its disposal a sufficient number of hours allocated for physical culture and sports classes. Based on the foregoing, the author convincingly proves in the article his position on a healthy lifestyle as a significant component of successful professional self-realization in a market economy.

Key words: healthy lifestyle, professional self-realization, mental health, labor market requirements, model of a modern specialist