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«Object of regard» as a factor of integrating mass

2015. 3, pp. 303-310

Vakhmenin Vasily N. - postgraduate student, Volgograd State University, 100 Universitetsky prospekt, Volgograd, 400062, Russian Federation,

The article considers the problem of developing mass in social space. The insight of mass as unstable, amorphous, anonymous communion devoid of internal ties is a basis for search and identification of external factor of its integration. Structural analysis of mass shows that the only form of relations typical for it is demonstration of regard from each individual forming mass to a common object, the so-called “object of regard of mass”. Correlation of uncritical perception characteristic for mass with image sensitivity of reality revealed that “object of regard” is an image which contains uncompromising meaning - a confabulated image. Factors which make this image successful and hence having simulative potential are defined in this article. These images structure mass consciousness and make it possible to simulate socialization of an individual, which results in distortion of sociocultural space. The latter, in its turn, marks the becoming of “mass society.” To point out the complexity of this process, the typology of “objects of regard”, that lets us deduce various types of mass activity, is given. The author mentions growing significance of “objects of regard” in modern times and strengthening of mass activity integral to the above mentioned process, a brief evaluation of this tendency is given.

Key words: , , , , , , , , , , mass, image, myth-making, mass society, socialization, mass communication, the society of the spectacle, simulation, information space, media