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Scientific journal

Quality of high-tech healthcare: technological and effective approaches

2015. №3, pp. 233-236

Rybalchenko Irina E. - D.Sc. (Economic), Head of the non-state health organization В«Medico-sanitarnaya chastВ», 5 Kuban st., Astrakhan, 414057, Russian Federation,

Yugay Michael T. - Ph.D. (Medical), National research University В«Higher school of EconomicsВ», 20 Myasnitskaya st., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation,

The authors of the article describe theoretical and methodological problems of quality management in the high-tech medical aid, show it’s specifics, highlight two approaches to monitoring the quality and suggest calculation models of quality standards. Authors also raises the issue of economic efficiency of the implementation of standards in the high-tech medical aid. The article is recommended for medical organizations and public health management organizations.

Key words: высокотехнологичная медицинская помощь, экономика здравоохранения, управление здравоохранением, планирование здравоохранения, национальные проекты, high-tech medical care, health Economics, health management, health planning, the national projects