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Foreign experience of development of information sovereignty

2015. 3, pp. 124-128

Penkina Valentina A. - postraduate student, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, 5 Akademika Anokhina st., Moscow, 119571, Russian Federation,

The practice of protection of information of sovereignty in the USA, China and some Muslim countries, as a form of combating destructive influence on political and religious grounds, the characteristics and priorities of the information security aspects allocated two strategies of protection of information of sovereignty, which can be called as «offensive» and «defensive». Offensive strategy is used for information warfare to achieve and consolidate their political dominance (primarily the United States and the instruments of U.S. information policy - the current leadership of Ukraine, the Baltic States), offensive tactics also adhere to a terrorist organization (the ISIS, al-Qaeda). «Defensive» tactic is to reform the legislation in the sphere of protection of information sovereignty. The conclusion is made about the optimal combination of the first and second methods, based not on confrontation but to use soft power to stop information warfare, stabilization and structural information globalization.

Key words: , , , information sovereignty, globalization, information security