THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

Date and place of birth:

1934, Penza


Leningrad State University, Historical Faculty (1958)
Post-graduate of Historical Faculty of LSU (1963)


PhD in History (1964)
DS in Philosophy (1974)


Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences

Science interests

Sociology, political science, conflictology, immigration, communication, management, Integration, disintegration, suspence, concord

Professional appointments

Counselor of RAS, head research fellow of IPh RAS
Lecturer, lectures about philosophy, sociology, politology, conflictology in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Scientific Supervision

Supervised 32 post-graduates

Teaching and methodological research

General Sociology // Tutorial for universities // Moscow: Modern Humanitarian university, 2001
Conflictology // Tutorial for universities // Moscow: Gardarika, 2001 and 2003


Program of fundamental researchs OON RAS Russia In Globalizing World. Ethnical Immigration In Russia. The Conflict Dimension (2006-2008)
Sub-Program of South of Russia Analysis And Modeling Of Geo-political, Social And Economic Processes In Polyethnic Macroregion (2006-2008)


Books and chapters:
  • A Political Conflict // Politicheskaya Sociologia. Moscow: Urait. 2012. Dmitriev A.V. Scandal: A Reasearch Tasks // Scandal As A Form of Communication. Moscow, 2012. P. 4 27.
  • Dmitriev A.V. A South of Russia in The Mirror of Conflictological Expertise // Russia in The Mirror of Conflictological Expertise. Rostov-on-Don, 2012. P.7 24.
  • Dmitriev A.V. From A Conflict To A Concord: A Methodological Difficulty of Estimation // Contours of Social-Political Concord By The Questions of Russia Development. Moscow, 2012. P. 74 81.
  • Immigration. The Conflict Dimension. Moscow: Alfa-M, 2006.
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  • Dmitriev A.V. Scandal: A Socio-Cultural Approaches // Poisk (Search): Policy. Social science. Art. Sociology. Culture: Scientific and Socio-cultural Journal. Moscow. 2012. 3.
  • Dmitriev A.V. A South of Russia in Contemporary Russian Policy: A Sight of Conflictologist // Russia The Reforming. Annual. Moscow. 2012. Vol. 10. P. 552 561. (In co-authorship with V.A.Avksentiev, G.D. Gritsenko).
Scientific Organizational Activity
  • President (1994-1998), now is a honorary President of Russian Association of Political Science; Coordinator (2004-2006), now is an expert of Expert Senate of Russian Foundation For Basic Research in the sociology, political science, conflictology and the law.
  • Coordinator of sub-program of South of Russia Analysis And Modeling Of Geo-political, Social And Economic Processes In Polyethnic Macroregion (2006-2008).

Basic Science Results

On the base of sociological and comparative-legal analysis of the data in conflictology Dmitriev A.V. advance his conception and propose the measures to settle a conflicts. He gives particular attention to specifics of revealing of conflicts in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States, where they lasts quite sharp and where the role of the law especially high in prevention and settlement.
The general authors concept according to the social conflict is in understanding of conflict as a phenomenon, that is immanent society and ambivalent (so, it has as negative so positive sides). In addition the social conflict can be regulated, but shouldnt be just forbidden or encourage. From 2001 Dmitriev A.V. has been researching the conflicts of immigration. In Russiand Sociology Dmitriev A.V. investigated problems of immigration in the aspect of the conflictology for the first time.


2001 - Laureate of M.M. Kovalevsky prize of Presidium RAS (in common with academician V.N.Kudryavcev)