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Scientific journal

Political personosphere in historical and cultural background: egodocument as a witness of epoch

2014. №4, pp. 131-138

Bobylev Vladimir V. - Ph.D. (Political Science), Associate Professor, Sochi Institute of the Peoples` Friendship University of Russia, 32 Kuybyshev st., Sochi, 354348, Russian Federation,

The author turns to the problems of sources in the context of political personal sphere in historical and cultural background. Theoretical aspects of source in "personal history"or В«history from belowВ» and specific examples of various kinds of egodocuments are described in the context of a coherent system of political personosphere

Key words: политическая персоносфера, персональная история, человек второго плана, эгодокументы, семейная хроника, political personosphere, personal history, history from below, egodocuments, family chronicle