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Formation of national identity: a comparative analysis of foreign experience

2014. №4, pp. 110-118

Alaudinov Apty A. - Ph.D. (Political Science), AssРѕciate PrРѕfessРѕr, Chechen State Pedagogical Institute, 33 Kievskaya st., Chechen Republic, Grozny, 364037, Russian Federation,

Foreign experience of building nations is crucial for the domestic theory and practice of nation-building. The example the United States is relevant for Russia because the nation-building in the United States based on certain intellectual and ideological foundations, reflecting philosophical liberalism installation, individualism and pragmatism. At the same ethnic and religious differences inhabiting the United States people, manifested including at the regional level, largely leveled by consensus at the level of the more fundamental rules of construction of life trajectories. An example of nation-building in India is also extremely important for Russia. Despite significant ethnic, religious and socio-economic differences of regions, India, in contrast, for example, from neighboring Pakistan, has managed to preserve its territorial integrity, has proved its right to exist as a full-fledged state, which is characterized with extreme diversity of regional identities. Examples of Canada and Australia are relevant for Russia, because these two countries in the mid-twentieth century. were the founders of the so-called policy of multiculturalism. At the same time, in contrast to the modern European countries, such as Germany, France, UK, Canada and Australia are not inclined to declare the failure of this policy. On the contrary, the former British colonies tend to demonstrate greater competitiveness in comparison with the above European countries in carrying out the policy of multiculturalism. In addition, the majority of our selected countries - the USA, Canada, Australia, India - are federations. In our opinion, the presence of federal states is justified by the purposes and objectives of the study. In our research, we aim to analyze the international experience in the context of the Russian perspective, and Russia is a federal state, and seems to remain so in the long run.

Key words: идентичность, общенациональная идентичность, политическая идентичность, нациестроительство, мультикультуризм, Канада, Австралия, Индия, США, identity, national identity, political identity, nation building, multiculturalism, Canada, Australia, India, USA