THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

Provincial town during the period of the First World War and revolution (Tsaritsin 1914–1917)

2014. 3, pp. 399-410

Vorobev Уеvgeniy P. - Ph.D. (Histrory),Associate professor, Volgograd State Architectural University, 1 Academicheskaya st., Volgograd, 400074, Russian Federation,,

Belov Dmitriy A. - Ph.D. (Histrory), Volgograd State Academy of Graduate Education, 32 Bukhantsev st., Volgograd, 400120, Russian Federation,,

The article deals with the problems connected with the analysis of important sides of everyday life in Russian province town Tsaritsin before and during the period of the First World War and Great Russian revolution in 1917. The authors based on examples of Tsaritsin give the results of scientific research about changes of social, economical and political aspects of everyday life in typical rear Russian town and analyzed the activity of local authority in deciding objective wartime problems before and during the period of Great Russian revolution in 1917. Downfall of the autocracy, forcible overthrow of the established democratic regime of Provisional Government by Bolshevik Party and also political instability involved social and economical situation in whole country and in region particularly. This article just considered the historical facts that describe patriotic rage during the first war year in Lower Volga Region. The authors are attending the main attention for analyzing organizational issues of military economy, food supplies for all social levels in Tsaritsin and The article describes one of the least studied aspects, referring the tendencies of civilian everyday life during the period of monarchy, Provisional Government and Soviet authority. The article also considered the typical changes in everyday life, in clothes, in behavior of ordinary people, substantiated conclusions about conditions of refugees and prisoners of war, wounded and illness solders of Russian army in Tsaritsin in war period.

Key words: everyday life, province, First World War, revolution, region