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Are computer games a disease of the XXI century

2014. 3, pp. 308-313

Ustinova Yana A. - undergraduate student, Astrakhan State University, 20а Tatischev St., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,,

In this article the problem of psychological dependence of the person from computer games in modern society is considered. Statistical data according to which the number of people got to this dependence annually grows. Computer games are the phenomenon of the information society which has got in the last decades exclusive popularity. Virtual computer games became an integral part of modern culture and a considerable segment of the leisure sphere. They changed people’s behavior, generated new traditions, created new subcultures. The scientific interest to computer games and the changes in cultural and social sphere, begins in the eighties of the XX century. However the serious scientific results opening essence of this phenomenon still aren’t developed. There are the practical need to consider this problem from philosophical and cultural positions. In article the main attention is focused on identification of the reasons for which computer games attract modern gamers, causing an addiction. We try to give the social and demographic portrait of the modern game and studied the theory in a question of finding the reasons of dependence players from computer games. The special attention is paid to Burlakov I.V. research in which we can find the assumption of communication existence between structure of a computer game and archetypes of human consciousness.

Key words: virtual reality, technologies, gamer, computer games, dependence on computer games, addiction