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Problems in the system of national accounts – 2008 in evaluating gross regional product (GRP)

2014. №3, pp. 126-131

Kiyashchenko Tatyana. A. - Ph.D. (Economics),Senior Lecturer, The South Russian Institute of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, 70 Pushkinskaya st., Rostov-on-Don, 344002, Russian Federation ,,

In the article outlines the key issues for evaluating progress economic activity associated with the replacement of Russian statistical standards SNA – 1993 on standards SNA – 2008. The study showed that the proposed new standard 2008 SNA does not solve the main problems of statistical evaluation in the form of a non-equilibrium state of the economy, as well as does not create the conditions for the organization of a unified system of product evaluation at all levels of management: municipal, regional and federal. In our opinion necessary gross municipal product (VMP) to count in every municipalities. This will allow to fully determine the overall level of valuation for ME; to perform calculations production efficiency for innovation policy in the region and at the level of Defence; will differentiate the level of development of municipalities to implement structural analysis established product-specific ME region. Such monitoring by municipal formations in the regions of the Russian Federation is not currently produced. We offer concrete ways of improving the evaluation system based on connecting the of municipal level. Municipal product should become the basic indicator estimates of GRP and GDP. On the basis of this indicator is to be created a unified system estimates of economic performance in Russia.

Key words: System of National Accounts, gross domestic product, gross regional product, gross municipal product, gross value added, municipal entities, gross margin, statistical authorities, nonequilibrium state of the economy