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Scientific journal

Diplomacy of national public organizations in the Russian and Azerbaijan dialogue (on the example of Astrakhan)

2014. №3, pp. 050-056

Seyfetdinova Elina R. - Post-graduate student, Astrakhan State University, 20a Tatishchev st., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,,

In article on materials of Astrakhan diplomatic relations of the region of the Russian Federation with the Azerbaijan Republic are considered. The Azerbaijani national public organizations, as an example of "national diplomacy" in the territory of the certain region are analyzed. The role and importance of the concept "public diplomacy" for dialogue between neighboring states is considered.

Key words: national public organizations, Russia, Azerbaijan Republic, Astrakhan, public diplomacy, regional representation of the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress, public organization "Azerbaijan", national culture