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Some questions of historiografy of the kalmyks` participation in Russian and Turkish wars

2014. 3, pp. 035-042

Matsakova Natalya P. - Ph.D. (History),Associate Professor, Kalmyk State University, 11 Pushkin st., Elista, Republic of Kalmykia, 358000, Russian Federation ,,

The article investigates the historiography of the Kalmyks` participation in the Russian-Turkish wars. This theme was touched by many researchers in the XVIII–XX centuries, in special and review works. But qualitative analysis of all the literature has not been made yet. The article gives a review of the existing historiography, while it is divided into groups and briefly characterized. As a results of this study there are the findings and results.

Key words: Kalmyks, Russian and Turkish war, battles, historiography, military historians