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Administrative and territorial divisions of Arshakid Armenia according to the "geography" of Claudius Ptolemy (South province)

2014. 3, pp. 015-023

Arutyunyan Akop Zh. - Ph.D. (History),Associate Professor, Yerevan State University, 24/1 O. Ovannesyan st., Yerevan, Avan, 0060, Republic of Armenia,,

To study the administrative and territorial division of Arshakid Armenia especially important information is by Claudius Ptolemy. According to him, Armenia has had 20 provinces, and by Armenian Geography (“Ashkharatsuyts”, the source of V-VII centuries ) – 15 provinces. Comparative analysis of primary sources reveals the changes that have occurred in Armenia since the geographer-historian Ptolemy until the end of the kingdom of Great Armenia(387).

Key words: Klaudius Ptolemy, ancient Greek sources, ancient Armenian historians, historical geography, administrative and territorial divisions, Great Armenia