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«Image of the enemy» AS A FORM OF SOCIAL AND POLITICAL MYTH (ON MATERIALS OF RUSSIA during the World War First)

2014. 2, pp. 369-376

Kornienko Tatyana A. - Ph.D. (History), Associate Professor, Branch of Kuban State University, 6/4 8th Mikrorayon, Armavir, 293500, Russian Federation,

In this article of the author is focused on the enemy image as a form of social and political myth and its transformation in the political culture Russian population during the World War First. Political preferences were changed due to worsening of political and social situation in the country. The governmental crisis caused the transformation of the enemy image from the outside enemy as the enemies of Russia to the inside enemies as conservative and right - radical forces.

Key words: The myth, image of enemy, the inside enemies, the outside enemies, political culture, political consciousness, political propaganda, , , , , , ,