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The role of Indian and Missionary Schools in assimilation of Native Americans of USA

2014. №1, pp. 240-246

Yakushenkova Oksana S. - Ph.D. (History), Ltd. “Global Lab”, 18 Andropov av., Moscow, Russian Federation,

The article examines the education of Native Americans on the frontier in the United States in the second half of the 19th century. This period is characterized by active processes of acculturation and assimilation of the indigenous population, and, for many reasons, women took an active part in it. One of the special moments of this process was the formation of a large number of missionary schools and missionary teachers work in public schools. It is possible to say that the development of Native American education marked a transition to a new stage of the frontier - postfrontier.

Key words: ассимиляция, аккультурация, индейское образование, миссионерские школы, Дартмут-колледж, Карлайл, Зиткала-Ша, фронтир, постфронтир, assimilation, acculturation, Indian education, missionary school, Dartmouth College, Carlisle, Zitkala-Sa, frontier, postfrontier