THE CASPIAN REGION:Politics, Economics, Culture

Scientific journal

Creative potential of multicultural model

2014. №1, pp. 235-240

Khlyscheva Elena V. - D.Sc. (Philosophy), Head of the department, Astrakhan State University, 160 N. Ostrovskiy st., Astrakhan, 414022, Russian Federation,

Multiculturalism is urged to solve a problem of interaction of the cultures, become aggravated in connection with intensive migration. However multiculturalism - the phenomenon rather diverse, here is the pluses and minuses, destructive tendencies and creative potential. The basis of multicultural model - recognition of the fact of cultural diversity - speaks about the existing potential. Therefore, without rejecting absolutely idea of multiculturalism, it is necessary to look for more acceptable option where mistakes will be considered and ways of frictionless coexistence are found.

Key words: мультикультурализм, Чужой, культурные особенности» меньшинств, мягкий и жесткий мультикультурализм, multiculturalism, Stranger, cultural features of minority, soft and rigid multiculturalism